I've just updated my eclipse folder, and 4 or 5 libraries were missing . So i edited the path properties to re locate them . All is ok or almost ... I'm unable to find nolyn 0.1.1 , it seem to not be in the repo .

For now, i've downloaded it from here : https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/groups/root_repository/io/nodyn/nodyn/0.1.1-SNAPSHOT/ 

and created a folder io/nodyn/0.0.1/ to put the jar inside . It work, but i guess, this "patch" isn't needed in a normal way .




6 years 4 months ago


I had the same problem. I just removed it from the classpath. It's not used anywhere in MyRobotLab. 



6 years 4 months ago

Sorry, this was my bad...

I was interested in trying to get Node to work as a service in MRL.
There are a variety of Pros and Cons:


  • Node is very useful with a lot of libraries and is gaining a lot of familiarity with developers
  • Another Scripting service would be great to have
  • WebGui and potentially script in the Node service would be the same (Javascript)


  • This is written on the GitHub project site (NOTICE
    This project is no longer being actively maintained. If you have interest in taking over the project, please file an issue.)
  • It requires a different version of JavaScript than Java 1.7 shipped with - It requires Nashhorn JS, 1.7 uses Rhino JS
Unfortunately I accidently checked in the reference in the .classpath, before checking in the repo dependencies.  I've fixed this, but still have not checked in the Node service.  Still evaluating it - or really I'm blocked from evaluating it as I'm currently using Java 1.7 :P
Should all be fixed now - let me know if you have any problems..