The steps are really slow, but at least it isn’t falling down and I haven’t broke anything in a couple of weeks. The hips turn (yaw) so I should be able to turn as I take steps. Drawing parts in Autodesk Inventor and then making the aluminum parts on the CNC is a lot of fun. Using the 3D printer and the CNC to make parts, makes life a lot easier. Stuff fits together. I am using lots of tapped holes so I can make adjustments with the assembly. I should change to a Raspberry Pi for more computer power, but I am using the analog inputs on the Mega which the Pi does not have built in. A Beaglebone has analog but I don’t see any mention of it on MRL. The balance weight should not be needed if an Inmoov is on top, as it can move side to side, like the weight.

Watching Boston Robotics Spot makes me wonder why I am working on this. That ‘Dog’ is amazing.

My latest video:

enjoy being part of the group,