Wheelchair platform - first steps

Batteries have been dead for a couple years .....  got new ones .. rather expensive - but these guys are BIG GUNS ..  LOTS OF POWER !!!

The wiring was all messed up from when I was building my own H-bridges, forgot how it all went together.  Got a Volt/Continuity tester and figured it out.

Batteries are wired in series ... so 24V with a 12V tap.  It comes with a re-charger Yay .. and it appears I have left that circuitry worky.  The control circuitry has long ago fried, and I created my own H-bridges which worked momentarily (and then fried) ..  Now I have a Sabertooth, which I am hoping will enough strength to work.

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Looks like you are planning

Looks like you are planning to go the Davros route.

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Ya ...  pretty much .. maybe

Ya ...  pretty much .. maybe an automatic seat adjustment too :D

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Original electronics

What happended to the original wheelchair electronics ? I'm sure it wasn't just an on/off switch... Because if it was, that would explain what happened to the previous owner ;-)

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Ahahaah .. "Original"

Ahahaah ..

"Original" elelectronics was very impressive and made for safety.  They had all sorts of "chair will not move if" electronic stuff.  I kept trying to by-pass it all, until eventually I managed to fry them ...
So yes, big clouds of smoke....

And then I built my own heavy duty, super in-expensive, H-bridges ... Which worked, until I accidently hit a wall, which stalled the motor, and blew all the mosfets ...  My inexpensive design did not have overcurrent protection ... 

We'll see how the sabertooth holds up.

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Powerful batteries

Unprotected cables on an aluminium plate... What could go wrong ? 

At least now you have the power to make lots of smoke. Eye protection recommeded