What's Left For Manticore Release ?

Ahoy !

I'd like to know what we need to focus on to get Manticore release done.  There has been a lot of really great work put into this, but what things need to be tied up before an official release ?

This is the Project Page.

Some tickets do not seem necessary for release, so I'm asking for review & requests to get it finished !

Here's the original blog reference.

Tester's Welcome !

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Tracking , Restart Button & Python GUI

I've updated some tickets with comments, but I think we're pretty close to a release for manticore.

I'd say, a few things to clean up first.

1. Tracking ... long standing issue, pretty much the only thing that causes Gael to mention 107.

2. The restart button should at least exit .. (if it can restart, cool.. but telling the user you're exiting and they need to restart mrl, would be acceptable.  People often send no worky's when they finish installing services.

3. the python gui (both web&swing) have had some issues around the execute button and the open file dialogs.  The python guis should be fixed up.  currently, they won't always execute the proper script..  The script that's currently in the forground is probably what should be executed.  (or maybe an eclipse style run button that has a dropdown to force the user to select which open script to run.


that's my short list..  I am a little concerned with some of the auto enable/disable behavior.  It seems to me like this should trigger a lot of testing to validate that things are worky with it for the default scripts.


Full steam ahead!




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Hi, All low level, like


All low level, like OpenNi (full skeleton), serial com port, OpenCV with data XY box in face recognizer data.

Sometime i have some crash with openNi service, MRL exit themselt automatically. So send noworky is not possible.

Thank you very much for yours job.


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Hi Dom, I made a ticket for

Hi Dom,

I made a ticket for you.  The "noWorky" just sends the myrobotlab.log file.  You can simply upload this file after OpenNI crashes to the ticket and we can look into the details.


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project page from github is

project page from github is invalid.

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Hi wvantoorn, it requires you

Hi wvantoorn,

it requires you to sign into your account in Github, otherwise you get a 404...

(don't know why they do this)