What's a good tool for editing AIML?

What is a good tool for editing AIL files? I am ust a beginner so I do not need a full development suite. I would prefer ease of use at this point. I use IDLE for my python work and I like the way it highlights the different functions in colors. It doesn't do the same for the AIML files so I am looking for something like that. 

Any suggestions?


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Hi, You can use notepad++ and


You can use notepad++ and choose XML in the language menu ( I'm using this one )

Or Mastabasta made one software for write aiml . You will have to compile it from source : https://github.com/MB4000/AIMLBuilder

Finaly, you can use Gaitobot , but it's an older software, it don't know all aiml tags and you can't use MRL oob tags . https://www.gaitobot.de/gaitobot/AIMLEditor/download.aspx

All this stuff is free :D

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Is there a niceway of

Is there a niceway of editting it through eclipse?  It would be nice to have it actually know valid AIML tags... 

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I use SublimeText3 free

I use SublimeText3 free version, it highlights and can check indentation for various format like Python , XML and many ore stuff.

The only downside, is that it's asking you sometimes to register...

You might also want to use the AIML converter:



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Thanks for the suggestions. I

Thanks for the suggestions. I will give a few a try.


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eclipse has an xml editor..

if you open *.AIML files with the XML editor in eclipse, that works pretty well..