Welcome cevinius





Some quality projects from our esteemed LMR refugees ...
Please Welcome cevinius !    Ciao !

cevinius' code-Fu uses Unity3D, OpenCV, Android speech recognition & Bluetooth serial with C# style !

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bensonofjohn's picture

Very impressive Sphero must

Very impressive Sphero must pack a lot in that small body for power, light and movement.

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Sphero is fun!!

Sphero is a great little bot! They provide SDKs for Android, iOS, Unity, and there are a few "unofficial" SDKs as well (Matlab, Python, etc)

It's a great little bot! The gyros inside are used both for keep it stable, but are also used for detecting bumps, falls and being picked up.

He also has some sort of wheel encoder, as you can get "location" data which tell you how far he's travelled in the X and Y directions.

He does pack a lot of goodies inside that small shell! :D

Plus he's durable and water-proof. I take my Sphero in my backpack wherever I go. :D

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Thanks for the welcome!

You guys seem great and I look forward to meeting you all! :D

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Welcome cevinius . Sphero

Welcome cevinius .

Sphero need other shells : billards and bowling balls

so i could win every time lol !

cevinius's picture

Haha. That would be a fun

Haha. That would be a fun application!! :D

Imagine if you have a camera over the billiards table, and then a computer could control Sphero. you could play against Sphero! :D