This is a post to accumulate information regarding WebRTC.

WebRTC is the realitively new concept of peer2peer (like) connections from one browser to another.
On a low level it uses session management and websockets to exchange data.  Typically, it seems to use a extremely simple relay or proxy server.  This allows potentially any browser to talk to any other browser through NAT traversal. 

NAT traversal is where a server on the public internet acts like a switch-board operator.  Taking requests from two browsers and relaying the data between them.  Connecting them in a way.

Mrl currently uses websockets for the WebGui, so in theory Mrl could support this.

The things I'm not sure about is how to supply the encoding and decoding and message format for video, audio, and other data.

I downloaded a Java WebRTC server .. it managed to build and run - It even added a silly hat to my head.  The Live stream was ok, but the remote stream was crazy laggy and froze or crashed most of the time.  I assume the root issue is face-recognition running and trying to get a match for the hat overlay.

Need to get back to OpenCV merging !