Trying to use the webgui on my Android tab with webkitspeechrecognition I see the recognized word in the webgui but it looks like this is not recognized by programAB (I do not have an answer for that). Running the webgui on my PC works fine but I wanted to use the tablet to be more mobile.

I also encounter sometimes veeeery long delays after speaking a word until it gets recognized.

Using 1412 for this.


6 years 4 months ago

My solution so far is a bit indirect. I installed MS remote on my Android to control my PC which in turn runs w10 remote control to control my odroid.

Tried to cut out the PC from this scenario but got discouraged by reading through the endless installation instructions to set up a remote server on ubuntu.

I wonder if I could see what programAB actually gets back from the Android browser webkitspeechrecognition. It would also be nice to have programAB list the not loaded aiml files that it found.

Maybe one of you has a better solution for this?

Hi Juerg,

MaVo at one point had an apk for Android which used Android's speech recognition (which really is the same thing - except more direct) ...

All speech recognition from google is very network related ....

You say something ... its encoded into a sound file then ----- it goes to the ----->  Google Mega Borg

A distributed brain in multiple warehouses strategically placed around the world ...

"Android Os" has a interface which directly calls this .. Webkit is a little more indirect..

I'll shout out to MaVo ..

Seems like this would be the most relevant link ->…
Although I can tell just from looking at it, that it will probably be noWorky out of the box.
I even remember having an updated version I planned on publishing a year ago - and never did ...

In conclusion: You can try it, but don't expect it to be worky instantly.
I'll take a look, but due to me being on holiday, it could be today, tomorrow or in a week (when I get home).

Good luck,
MaVo (led here by a bright sign of GroG)