WebGUI preview with google speech and program ab

Update: Here's a better preview using MaryTTS


Here's a sneak peak at the new WebGUI with ProgramAB and the speech recognition using Google Chrome web speech toolkit.



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It'really amazing!!! 

It'really amazing!!!

But how do you run it as "webgui"? i.e. I need a Webgui file to start the entire process?

Thank you.

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WebGUI is still in

WebGUI is still in development - that's why you can't start it - unless you download the source and build it yourself.

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Great Demo Kwatters

Great Demo Kwatters !

Whooooaaaa ... nice you have the output of the dialog because that speech request takes waaaaaay toooo loooong !

Now that Google cut us off, I was going to see about Borg'ing this in : http://mary.dfki.de

Should be wikka wikka fast

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You Rocked it !Nice teamwork

You Rocked it !

Nice teamwork o/

we surfed .. we found .. we borged ...

PS - thanks for spearheading ahead .. i can get hung up in trying to find out how it works - when sometimes its sufficient just to make Worky - much Respect !