WebGui - new functionality

Hi All,

The WebGui has some new functionality.  Its basic positioning, hiding, and showing which can be accessed through the WebGui service.  All functionality of any Service can be accessed through Python.  

First download the myrobotlab.jar from the "latest" link to a new directory.

Type java -jar myrobotlab.jar  (if you want the GUIService to begin with)
if you don't then type java -jar myrobotlab.jar -service webgui WebGui python Python 
(by default if no additional service arguments are attached - mrl automatically gives you 
java -jar myrobotlab.jar -service gui GUIService python Python, unless parameters are supplied)

Another big change is myrobotlab.jar is bigger .. because it includes :

  • WebGui
  • Python
  • GUIService

Ok, say you did this on the command line

Then the browser should open to this 

Make sure your version is 1174 or higher.

You'll sometimes see stuff collapsed, this is probably because some future / promise wasn't supplied in enough time, its easy to fix just hit F5 on the browser (refresh)

You know have the ability to do basic control over the Service panels, you can hide them, show them or set them at some specific location.  Below is a test script I did in Python. It hides, shows, and moves the cli panel across the desktop.  Have Fun ! :)

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