WebGUI issues

I am new to MRL but have learned alot in the last few months from this site and have great sucess controlling some arduino projects through MRL with Python scripts.

I would like to use the WebGui on an upcoming project but seem to have an issue getting it to run on my windows and linux machines. The WebGui runs in runtime without an issue but the localhost does not respond on 7777. Its just a blank page. not a connection refuesed or timed out, so there is definately a 7777 listener  enabled. I get the same behavior on my linux VM. As far as I can tell this seems to be the only service that no-worky on my machine. 

Any thoughts? 


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Ahoy brotherbrown831 and

Ahoy brotherbrown831 and Welcome !!! .. - we are in process of creating a new and much improved WebGUI using the latest frameworks and technologies (Angular) - but it is not ready at the moment.  If you want to use the WebGUI as current documentation describes, you must use version 1.0.114 (https://github.com/MyRobotLab/myrobotlab/releases).
Thanks for posting - many people probably want the same infomation but only 1% will actually ask !
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  This is APIV2.1 branch on a


This is APIV2.1 branch on a raspi - specifically its my sprinkler system for my house ;)

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GroG,  Glad to see you are


Glad to see you are making progress, is this available for download now? Or will I have to wait for the next release of MRL? 

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Just available if you build

Just available if you build it from source from the branch - MaVo and I will be trying to put together a release soon...

Do you have a specific project your trying to do?  If you give us more information, we could probably look into wether this first release will work for your needs.

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Below is a bot I built for my

Below is a bot I built for my daughter to play with,its name is TrashyBOT,  it was originally controlled with a wireless Xbox controlled directly to the arduino mega. However since I discovered MRL I have decided to incorporate a Raspberry Pi and give it some new capabilities. It will retain, remote control but I would like to add some speech and voice recognition, I would also like to use CV to auto track faces.

My ultimate goal would be to enable simple "siri" like Q&A capability so my kids can ask basic questions and get the "google","siri","cortana" response. (i.e. how big is he moon). 

At this point im just exploring all the different services in MRL and seeing what is available.

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That Sir ... is brilliant

That Sir ... is brilliant !

You've come a interesting point in MRL too - previously the gui was all swing, although in MRL, "the gui is not mrl" ...  which means the gui, or webgui, or different display is just another service like any other service... so with the webgui coming out, you don't need to tie up the raspi with the overhead of X-windows, a desktop, or any other of those messy things - you can (and will !) have complete control over it with a web page...

The chrome speech recognition will come out with the webgui, kwatters already has some form of ProgramAB in a web display (ie siri), and many more bits an pieces ..  all without a X-windows desktop ! ;)

I have just finished a very large merge with MaVo - what service would be best for you to start with ?  Arduino, Joystick & Python for basic control ?


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Ah I recognize the Dagu hand

Ah I recognize the Dagu hand from OddBot ... I got one, but my servo died immediately on it :P

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You are no longer a scared

You are no longer a scared gopher ! - change your avatar :D

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I have graduated from scared

I have graduated from scared gopher to shocked raccoon! 

Right now in order to get the basic functionality I need I require: 

Arduino, Python, Joystick, Servo and Motor < these will allow me to get the basic remote control functions


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Congratulations Rocky ! Do

Congratulations Rocky !

Do you have a Python script I might try to test ?

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This is a very basic testing

This is a very basic testing script I have been using from my PC, it check the hardware is properly connect and powered.


from org.myrobotlab.service import Arduino
from org.myrobotlab.service import Servo
from org.myrobotlab.service import Joystick
from org.myrobotlab.service import Runtime
from time import sleep
arduino = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino","Arduino")
joystick = Runtime.createAndStart("joystick","Joystick")
wrist  = Runtime.createAndStart("wrist","Servo")
grip  = Runtime.createAndStart("grip","Servo")
elbow  = Runtime.createAndStart("elbow","Servo")
shoulder  = Runtime.createAndStart("shoulder","Servo")
motorleft = Runtime.start("motorleft","Motor")
motorright = Runtime.start("motorright","Motor")
arduino.connect("COM10") #PC only - pi needs new
#Motor Test 
arduino.motorAttach("motorleft", 5, 4) 
arduino.motorAttach("motorright", 6, 7)
# move both motors forward
# at 50% power
# for 2 seconds
# move both motors backward
# at 50% power
# for 2 seconds
# stop and lock m1
#Servo Test
# attach servos to Arduino
wrist.attach(arduino.getName(), 8)
grip.attach(arduino.getName(), 11)
elbow.attach(arduino.getName(), 3)
shoulder.attach(arduino.getName(), 2)
#Joystick Test
joystick.map("x", -1, 1, 0, 180)
joystick.map("y", -1, 1, 0, 180)
joystick.map("z", -1, 1, 0, 180)
joystick.map("rx", -1, 1, 0, 180)
joystick.map("ry", -1, 1, 0, 180)
joystick.setController(4); #PC only - Pi needs new
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Ok .. thanks - I'll start

Ok .. thanks - I'll start trying the script tonight ...   the Python service needs functioning "save" & "load" .. execute is currently working - but I'll need to see what other problems exist..


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hey good look this robot i

hey good look this robot i like it

have you do a videos??? have you a website how you build it your robot?

thank you

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I agree with ambroise, very

I agree with ambroise, very nice robot !