You will need an api key from http://www.voicerss.org.  Quality is good. Its has slow responses, but the files will be cached.  Do not know what the max message length.

Thank You moz4r / Steve for making and contributing this Service !




#file : service/VoiceRss.py edit raw
speech = Runtime.start("speech", "VoiceRss")
speech.speakBlocking("it works, yes I believe it does")

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thank GroG

Thank you GroG for the addition of my service on mrl.
Will you have a tutorial for the creation and publication on github of new service? 


merci GroG pour l'ajout de mon service sur mrl.
Aurai tu un tuto pour la création et la publication sur github de nouveau service?

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Hello Steve, Thank you for

Hello Steve,
Thank you for creating this service!  What type of tutorial did you have in mind?
I just added a VoiceRss.py which becomes one of mrl's examples.  But, I am not sure what else you would like to see.
Bonjour Steve,
Merci d'avoir créé ce service! Quel type de tutoriel avez-vous à l'esprit?
J'ai juste ajouté un VoiceRss.py qui devient l'un des exemples de mrl. Mais, je ne sais pas ce que vous aimeriez voir.

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Hi GroG,
I was thinking about a tutorial on how to create a new service.
1.- Or put the different files of the service ".jar .java"
2.- How to push the new service on github.
3.- which file to edit for compilation
Thank you in advance
Salut GroG,
Je pensais plutôt à un tuto sur la façon de créer un nouveau service.
1.- Ou placer les différents fichier du service  « .jar .java » 
2.- Comment pousser le nouveaux service sur github.
3.- quel fichier modifier pour la compilation
Merci d’avance
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about length I saw 100kB

about length I saw 100kB limit per textual data