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I was wondering if he was possible to listen to something else time commands in sphinx because I cannot find anything in the documentation. Would like to listen to anything so like so I can analyse that.

And GoogleSTT Does not seem to work. When I open the service there is nothing happening.



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Hello ooochris, Check the

Hello ooochris,

Check the service page - I just verified that the two scripts there run.



GoogleSTT does not "work" - because Google recently changed its API which requires a user to get their own development key.

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Ok, thanks. got it to

Ok, thanks. got it to work!

And sorry about the crappy quality of my message ( I just read it again and its uncomprehensible)... Need some sleep :-)


Thanks GroG

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Welcome ooochris .. no

Welcome ooochris .. no problem :)
Show us what you do with it when you get MORE COFFEE !!