VivaTech some pics

Great day to meet some friends at the turn of the aisles and discover cool things. Special thanks for InMoov stand that was here and represent open source things among the crowd maybe the most important thing.

Pepper army for the reception


Airbus modular flyingcar prototype


InMoov stand with Gaël familly


Alice, last fresh robot exit from workshop, from cybedroïd a french company


Nao from Aldebaran ( now it is softbank redemption  ) , and software "Orchestrator" .

Ohhh I had a chance to visit ISS space station, that is Destiny pod. Thank for explains from the guy who work on the supercalculator inside


many buttons to press on it

My kids playin with vr stuff, cool or disturbing for there first time, unlike adults their brains immediately adapted to virtual reality...

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GroG's picture

Great Pict Moz4r !  Thanks

Great Pict Moz4r !  Thanks for sharing ...

Can I rent the flying car @ Budget Rent-A-Car in France ? :)

moz4r's picture

soon :) Waiting this day

soon :)
Waiting this day there is the old helicopter


Ray.Edgley's picture


Thanks for that Moz4r, I would love to go to these maker fairs, but they are just too far away for me.

This is un fortunately the only way I get to see them.

Thanks for showing us who cannot go. :-)