Virtual InMoov plays 10 Ping Bowling

Rigged up my latest Control Panel > 16 analoges > propeller >pyserial >Blender >virtual InMoov.

Working bits so far (ie. one control analoge to each of the below):-

  1. Finger 1
  2. Finger 2
  3. Finger 3
  4. Finger 4
  5. Thumb
  6. wrist flex
  7. wrist rotate
  8. elbow
  9. arm rotate
  10. arm raise front/back
  11. arm raise side
  12. head rotate
  13. head up/down
  14. eyes left/right
  15. eyes up/down
  16. jaw

This eases the control and setting up of Virtual InMoov joints

(still working on intergrating 16x8 Led matrix as a collision detector feedback)

InMoov Strikes out to end 2014 .... with a video to follow in 2015

The pins are realistic and the speed is still fast even in Game mode.

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GroG's picture

STRIKE ! Ah.. he holds the


Ah.. he holds the ball .. very nice !

Impressive work as always Gareth !

Did you copy paste the bowling lane from Blender ?  Will be exciting to see him with kinect data pumped in and a sink full of dirty dishes to wash and put away , but its nice your giving him a little "fun time" :D