moz4r having fun with virtual inmoov :)

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that will look better with a

that will look better with a better servo mapping. I'm interrest in knowing your servo maps and min/max so we can fix this part. VinMoov shouldn't look like he was just hit by a truck

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:)  In this test I was using

:)  In this test I was using default values, you can test it by setting ScriptType=Virtual inside inmoov.config

I would be really happy if you find something strange

You can find exemple of default settings for arm here :

this is the loading process of the righ arm :

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I have test your script using

I have test your script using default values and ScriptType = Virtual and it work fine

The reason your vinMoov look in strange position is that the vinMoov need to have some message from the arduino (or virtual arduino) to fully initialize. So probably my initialization order is a bit different than what happen in your script. But as soon as you move each servo, it will take it's proper position.

I will modify the startVinMoov() method to fully initialize the vinMoov.

Your script look really great. I will play with it more but I really like it

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Thank a lot for your feedback

Thank a lot for your feedback !  I am happy to know there is no big mistakes about servo position setup , we need solid basics to look furter.
I initialise vinmoov just after skeleton loading and rest() commands. I will push a global rest() I think after the vinmoov started.