viewing your virtual inMoov in 3d implemented in inMoov service

I add the possibility to view a virtual 3d InMoov from the inMoov service.

To view it, you have to add in your inMoov script




to stop viewing it.

The 3d model should mimic what your real inMoov is doing.
The model probably still needs some adjustment but is looking good.
The fingers and eyes are not working yet


Add some control to move the view of the model

left mouse -> rotate clockwise

right mouse -> rotate counterclockwise

mouse wheel / key Q / Key E -> Zoom in/out

Key A / left arrow

Key D / right arrow

Key W / up arrow

key S / down arrow

will move the model around

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Wahoo wahoo that's a great

Wahoo wahoo that's a great functionality and it seem simple to use it, thank for it !

It can worky with virtualarduino too ?

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I have not try it, but if

I have not try it, but if virtualArduino work the same for the servo as the real arduino, it will work

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Excited to try it Calamity !

Excited to try it Calamity !

calamity's picture

there was a problem with the

there was a problem with the repo files, I hope it's fixed now

GroG's picture



Loaded perfectly Calamity !


i01 = Runtime.start('i01','InMoov')
v1 = Runtime.start('v1', 'VirtualArduino')
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Started a VirtualArduino and

Started a VirtualArduino and started the right arm .. I can see data flying back and forth, but no movement .. 
Great start though !! - probably very close :D

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The jmeApp need to get feed

The jmeApp need to get feed with servoEvent to update the model position. I will have to verify if the virtual arduino properly output the servoEvent. I'm pretty sure it's related to that

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I fix virtualArduino so the

I fix virtualArduino so the 3d model can work with it

On the side note, the model expect to have a map setting for the servo as Gael use (0,180, min, max) or as I use (physical angle map to position of the servo to have those angle). The default setting of the inMoov services (setMinMax) don't seem to work properly. I will have to fix that

Sometime the model may start on a strange position, it's because it need to have a msg from the servo before it position properly. After a servo move, it will position at the right place

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FYI - I marked InMoov3DApp as

FYI - I marked InMoov3DApp as transient since gson goes into an infinite loop trying to serialize it

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OK perfect

OK perfect !


i01.loadGestures('path') doesn't work

i01.setMute(False) doesn't work


So update OK but the rest MUST be work.

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Worky ! .. Look he want's to

Worky ! .. Look he want's to shake your hand for all your great work Calamity ! 

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really great - and so

really great - and so detailed! 


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 I can't launch it anymore, I

 I can't launch it anymore, I have this error just after jmonkey init . I use a corei7 16gb computer to test . any idea ?

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[forgot to edit previous post

[forgot to edit previous post : java64 vas the solution]

Do you think it is possible to ajust vinmoov speed, based on servos velocity ?

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Yes, the vinMoov can use the

Yes, the vinMoov can use the speed setting of the servo.

I have not test the velocity specifically on the virtualArduino, but it look to work fine.

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about virtualArduino speed

about virtualArduino speed seem always at full speed

juerg's picture

I would still like to add my

I would still like to add my cart and pole to the vinMoov. Any hint with what I could start experimenting, e.g. first only adding a rotational pole at the base?

See in the code that you have 

    im.addObject(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -150.0, "base", 150.0, false);
    im.addObject("i01.torso.midStom", 150.0);
Is that a place where I will need the "pole" added? And I assume some other places will need entries too?
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Virtual InMoov not Responding!

I am using MRL 1.0.2661 on a Windows 7 64-bit OS. The Virtual InMoov starts when I start the START_INMOOV.bat file. I am also able to move the 3D model around using the commands stated in the post, but when I use the sliders in the tabs for head, jaw, left arm etc. the corresponding parts do not move.

The FPS keeps fluctuating between 2-10 fps.

Thanks a lot for your help!