I got Azul running on MRL1859 and arduino ver. 53 except for the mouth does not move when Azul speaks. Any ideas?  posted video on youtube  Azul happy New Year.  I have tried a pi3 but this was using windows 7 on laptop. 

with azul's new wheels (I changed to a bigger base) and lots of sensors, voice control is not as useful.  the video was all script

now that several inmoovs have the means to move, what is a good solution to control them?

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Hi Harland, What video .. I

Hi Harland,

What video .. I done see no video 

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Hi John,I think you forgot

Hi John,

I think you forgot the link to your video:

Very great work with the mobile plateforme!

Happy New Year!

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Embed video

Here is how to embed a video. 

Look for

Embed Video to Posts

Really nice platform. 


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thanks Gael, did not know how

thanks Gael, did not know how to add video

thanks Mat. I CNC milled the base out of .25in alum.  So it should be nice and strong and added lots of holes for future mounting. I put a hole every square inch. It has 5 sonar sensors, and 12 I/R sensors, plus bluetooth and a compass.  I was using bluetooth from a pc to just control the base before adding Azul.