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Hello, my name is kaled Alejandro Souky Ortiz. I decided to contact you because i could tell you have a strong knowledge of Arduino DUE, and i have been experience some trouble using it. I wonder if you are capable of adapting the "varspeedservo" library to the Arduino DUE board. I tried doing it through AVR studio by using the newly updates of AT91SAM3X8E micro controller. I took as reference the servo’s library for Arduino IDE beta 1.5.8, but had no luck.

If you can do it, this would be a huge contribution as the Arduino DUE board has more potencial and power reading and its clock is 5 times faster than Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA. I appreciate your feedback if you could do this. At this time i am finishing a project in which i had some difficulties but it will be done in a short time, but i would  like to experience the whole potencial of the board, the servos and sensors.

Thanks in advance, and expect you reply very soon. This is my email:

This the link to my project:

Here is the link for download varspeedservo and the IDE beta 1.5.8:

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Nice T-800 !

Welcome sonicaction!

It looks like you are hoping to get variable speed control out of the servo motors.  That looks like a nice library.  MyRobotLab has had support for variable servo speed control for quite some time.

You can download it, there is an arduino sketch that comes with it  (MRLComm.ino I think).  You can upload that sketch to the arduino.  Then you can script up the motions using the python programming language.  Much easier than writing new C code every time you want the robot to move a different way!