Using RemoteAdapter to connect two MRL instances


Today I continued testing RemoteAdapter to be able to connect two MRL instances executing on the two Rapberry PI computers that I have. 


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Excellent Mats ! .. I'm glad

Excellent Mats ! ..
I'm glad you did not have to go through "too" much trouble to get it to work ... 

In the future, there are a couple of network utilities I would like to implement.

  • I'd like the Agent to be on a accessable port such that the webgui could get to it (I don't know all the logistics at the moment)
  • I'd like multiple instances of MRL to count up or down a port number depending if a starting port (and subsequent ports) are already taken .. e.g.  8889, 8890, 8891 etc..
  • Broadcasting on startup - and waiting for reply on multiple ports 8888, 8889, etc all on seperate threads to minimize wait.

It still took some effort and configuration to get distributed mrl to work .. it would be nice to have it "want" to group wil other mrl instances (at least on the same network)

Great Video !