Using the lightdesk way for programming the moves...

Hello MRL InMoover's,

During the Maker Faire in Eindhoven (in The Netherlands) I was talking with Wilco about this option.
Both have experience with light consoles and know that the way of programming will makes it easier.

I've no idea if there is a option to use the same way of programming in MRL.
Now it's all done by scripts and most things are hard to make it smooth.
I mean, it's harder to combine some moves at the same time.

With a lightdesk we use a "playlist" and in this playlist we recording some "ceu's".
In one cue we can move all the servo's from Pos-A to Pos-B in a acceptible time.
A other option is to use more cue's for one complete sequence !
When ceu 1 is done, cue 2 can start after cue 1 is finished ore it can start after a small delay.
There are many options to play all the cue's to build a sequence.
For one sequence we can use many cue's as we need.
Here some info:
I'm operating most time the ION from ETC

A other option is to create a "Art-Net / DMX service", so there is a option to use a lightdesk/software itself.

To cmmunicate with the lightdesk, there is a option which is called OSC.
ith OSC commands there is a option to send a string with text only.
Like "/OpenLeftHand" when the lightdesk received this OSC command, it will start the sequence and the Left hand will open.
In the lightdesk we need to create a Macro first, which is listening to OSC commands and link this command to his goal.

For all interactive options like face detection, this can't be done by the lightdesk.
This needs to be controlled with MRL itself.

I hope it's clear what the idea is :)


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This is very similar to what

This is very similar to what the "ServoOrchestrator" was supposed to be.

This topic will definately need to be revisited, but probably with more planning before actually starting it.

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Thanks MaVo! BTW, it was

Thanks MaVo!
BTW, it was cool to see you (and all other DieHards) in Eindhoven !

I found your post:

And yes, it looks very similar and I'm sure people will love this way of programming.
I see it's still in MRL so I'm sure I will play with this :)
A good thing is, for servo's there is now a option to use velocity. (this wasn't there in 2014 :) )
If it's possible to use more servo's in one Go, the velocity can be used to fine-tune the timing in between some servo's.

I will let it know and hope I can connect my Arduino and make it run ;)

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I don't expect the

I don't expect the ServoOrchestrator will work in any way. It's unfinshed, too complex and very old. Sorry.

(But Eindhioven was great! : ) )