Using InMoov Gesture Creator

This video is to show to Ma.Vo and Grog how I proceed to use Gesture creator, but I still need to learn the "how to"...

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VERY GOOD video, I enjoyed to

VERY GOOD video, I enjoyed to watch it. - It's nice to See that it's actually Really working, I can only test without hardware, so it's a Bit of a Mystery ...
A few notes:
- the limited [thumb]-movement results of the sliders, they are adjusted when you Import your min Rest max values
-> yesterday I tried to fix it, the sliders don't adjust their "length" from now on
- all other parts move when you "Move In Real Time", all servos are moved to the positions, their sliders are on
-> when you don't use any other gestures (e.g. over Voice Control, this shouldn't Happen, but with Import min Rest max, it won't Happen so often, also you can just Switch One section Off (using the Main menu), but this isn't the best solution
- you concentrated on the "main-part" - didn't you understood the "control-section" (bottom-left"), it is difficult, I know

Thank you for this GREAT Video about my work!

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Actually the video terminated

Actually the video terminated because of lack of memory. There was more over the bottom left part, but I didn't have the courage to restart it all

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Ahahaha ... I don't think I

Ahahaha ... I don't think I ever saw that video ...

"I Love You Too" :)

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Nice Video Thank you so much

Nice Video Thank you so much :)

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Ok MaVo ..  I don't have a

Ok MaVo .. 

I don't have a InMoov .. but I just needed to say how great your Gesture Creator Service is.

Well Done !

I can imagine how InMoovers would find this very useful !
Excellent !

Now we just need  to port it to AngularJS & BootstrapUI :) 

Hope your studies are going well