Unity 3D alternative to Blender using C# & Java scripts.

I just bumped into this http://unity3d.com/unity

Together with this http://code.google.com/p/unity-arduino-serial-connection/downloads/list

It is basically a 3D Game engine / design tool for 3D graphics.....

.... with the added extra of connecting a Arduino comm port .

The link combo and the setup works for me  :-

Right click view image gives higher res picture....

Its controlling 6 boxes via analog and 6 digitals in current format.

If you get a C0234 error missing something or other....

In Unity Gui :-

Edit>Project Settings>Player> Optimization >APi Compatability > .NET 2.0     (ie. NOT .NET 2.0 Subset)

Just thought I would post here as it uses an interesting way to link C#  to Java script within the unity package.

Update ... just found out that Unity has a native Blender import with Blender FBX exporter.

Which mean that my rigging work is easily transfered including the parent child links...YaY