Ultrasonic Sensor


Can anyone point me to some help to hook up dual Ultrasonic Sensors in my Inmoov ? Cant really seem to find a place that detials it.  Looking to hook 2 of them .  Cheers

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Ultrasonic Sensors


I have tried to add a whole bunch of these sensors to my InMoov but gave up because it only works on surfaces that are uneven/structured or more or less orthogonal to your sensor. Trying to use it for detecting obstacles in the path of my cart resulted only in reflections from my flat ground that never made it back to the sensors receiver. But you could detect a wall or a passing person in front of the robot.

Use these instructions for giving it a try



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thanks  did u end up trying with multiple ?  and how did u hook them up to the inmoov boards ?  or did u just use the arduino direct ?

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I switched to use an intel

I switched to use an intel realsense D415 cam to get a real depth image. I am in the process of writing a python task to check for a clear path when moving the cart.

I used a dedicated arduino and own code to check out the ultrasonic sensors, not using MRL for this.

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cool....sounds interesting let me know if you post your results. I would enjoy seeing them

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The Ultrasonic sensor needs

The Ultrasonic sensor needs to be connected to the mini breakout board of the Nervo Board.

I just made a tutorial on InMoov site:


Note that MRL versions prior to Nixie have only one UltraSonic in the configuration file.

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thats what I was looking for perfect.

appreciate it gael ;)

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Glad it's usefull. :) I just

Glad it's usefull.


I just updated the version MyRobotLab Manticore on InMoov site to use both UltraSonic sensors.And also for the finger sensors.

it's now version 1.0.2693.16.



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thanks Gael, I will give this a run and test it ;)

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Hey Gael, just an idea. Did you everythink about moving the Config outside the main folder for the software so when a users attempts the next version or even wants to go back a version the config folder is in a common path.

Might be a good idea to even do items like the custom folder etc ;)

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Hello, The config folder

The config folder doesn't get overwritten if you upload a new version over the old.
It is a safety just like the custom file.
It will add the new config files, it's up to you to remove the one you don't want to keep.
This seemed the best option because, config files also evolve and are updated.
The best way to test a new version is to create a new directory (ex: myrobotlabXXX) and install the new version into that directory.
Then just copy paste your old configs and custom into that new directory.
This way you have a fresh install and you keep the old just in case.
See my MRL directory below, each one contains a full version: