Hi guys, I am new to myrobotlab and i'd like to know if there exists some tutorials to use beside the example scripts.  I'd like to see some sort of lists for some services with commands one can use, what the do and how to use them.
I'd be glad if yomethink like this would exist, especially for more information about the sphinx service.

Thank you guys =)

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Hello and welcome Kakadu31

Hello and welcome Kakadu31 ...

Each Service should have a "Service Page".   The Service Page should be the best source of information for that service.  It should contain a brief description of the service, and example Python and perhaps a video.

Since myrobotlab is constantly being worked on - often documentation can not keep up.  We intend to make more videos, but the elves who work on the code can only work so much.

Also .. just recently there was some very large framework changes, and we are currently trying to get it stabalized again.

But to get you started :

Here is a link to the service list.

Although I can tell that it is already out-of-date - because the Blender service and several others are missing...

Each link will get you to the Service Page for that Service.

For a list of methods - you can use the WebGUI's REST API - which reflectively returns all methods from a Service class.