Trying to test IPCamera

After unsuccessfullly seaching the internet for a mjpeg test source, I "finally" came to the realization I can use 1 instance of MRL to test another :)

Heh, this is always fun - and has potential ...  I've started MRL and opened a local file for the source (I would have used my laptop's camera but a windows update took out the driver :P )

I can run any OpenCV filter on this - it would be good for future unit tests which happen each time mrl is built.  But now, I'm going to start the VideoStreamer service - to turn it into a mjpeg source - so that I can test the IPCamera service in a different instance of mrl.

In preperation I add 2 pyramid down filters and a gray - this will reduce the amount of data in the stream.

I start a VideoStreamer service and with one line of code attach the OpenCV service to the VideoStreamer service.

Now, I test the VideoStreamer service, who's output is mjpeg (not the most effecient means of broadcasting video - but it works :)

Now I'll start a second instance of MRL and load a IPCamera service

Yikes ! - this needs some work.  It was always my intention to make it more generalized so that it could service any IP Camera - but the input fields of this as kmc has mentioned are much to restricive.  We'll need to create a simple URL entry.