TrashyBot Script with WebGUI


Here is TrashyBot's script processed through the WebGUI's Python interface .. WORKY !  Or mostly so - got stuff to do like Servos dont appear attached, Joystick & Motor need some gui's too !

Kwatters and I looked into the issue we were having with encoding - turns out we needed to use JSON.stringify ... not Atmosphere's hack of JQuery.stringify .. in addition the client encodes twice - once for each parameter and once for the message container - and its contents .. server has always decoded twice .. should clear up a few bugs ;)

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This is fantastic news, im

This is fantastic news, im finishing up a few mechanical and electrical tasks on Trashy and am looking forward to this new interface. What used to be a simple arduino powered RC robot has started to morph into a whole new animal. Power hungry little bugger too!

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Great ! Oh ya, that's a

Great !

Oh ya, that's a recurring theme - the more you work with robotics - the more you realize