Transform a R2-D2 Churro bucket

Hello guys!

Here is my first MRL project, so don't laught  too hard laugh

I'm from Brazil, so sorry for the bad english!


Me and my wife went to Orlando, FL, for our honeymoon... wandering around Disney's Holliwood Studios, i found this Churros Bucket and thought, why not?





As soon as I get anything done i'll keep you guys posted!


UPDATE - 07/30/2013


I recorded a simple video of the new neck piece, nothing fancy, just used a servo service to move the servo.


Hope you guys like!





Flávio Suñe


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Alessandruino's picture

Awsome project Flavio :D so

Awesome project Flavio :D so that are blue and red LEDS :D yay :D it seems a full worky :D

A video showing voice control of LEDS would be GREAT :D

FlavioSune's picture

Be patient! Soon I'll record

Be patient!

Soon I'll record a video! soon I'll hook up the head servo!


GroG's picture

Great beginning Flavio... I

Great beginning Flavio...

I don't know exactly where you want to go with it, but I assume you'll have a head servo, if you don't already..  The lights look great.. 

If you want remote control of the Arduio from the computer I would suggest getting one of these inexpensive bluetooth serial modules (so the computer does not have to be hooked up directly) -

FlavioSune's picture

The head servo is already

The head servo is already hooked to the body! will start working on it tomorrow!

My goal is:

1-) Leds

2-) Head Servo

3-) Sounds

4-) Voice commands

5-) ??? (anyone got an idea?)

GroG's picture

Great Work Flavio !

Is this a new servo ?   Or did you just need to re-wire the power away from the board?
Works great !  What's next ?

FlavioSune's picture

It's a new servo GroG! That

It's a new servo GroG! That microservo is really messed up... after removing from the old "neck bone" realized that he was turnig, but it was inclined, like something was broken inside.


So, new servo! working great so far! tonight i'll start the fun part: Programming! Yay!!!

Hopefully I'll have this project "done" by the end of the weekend! Some primary simple voice inputs with answer!




Alessandruino's picture

Awesome :D you could add

Awesome :D you could add R2-D2 typical sound using the Audio File R2-D2 could answer to you using robotic sounds, lights and head moving :D

FlavioSune's picture

Managed to do this

Managed to do this already!

But screwed up the code to try to play mp3s, until now just managed to play wav files!

I think today i'll be able to give it a go, let the moving/blinking start!!


kmcgerald's picture

Nice work!

Did the body come it two halves like that or did you cut it into a front and back half?

I wonder if you could get a couple continuous rotation servos in the feet so he can move around.  You could cut a slot in teh bottom of each foot for the wheels to poke through and put some ball castors on the outside to give each foot two points of contact with the floor.  He would drive kind of like a tank.  You could program him to go crazy by spinning his body one way and his head the oher way if his neck is continuous rotation too. Although I could see having a normal servo in the neck like you do now being more useful.

FlavioSune's picture

It came that way, only haking

It came that way, only haking i had to do was in the head, where it has somekind of a rail, so the head can run without opening, but with the servo it kept jamming!