Tracking service something not work.

In the tracking service the (setPin) is gone.

I have my own Tracking in my inmoov and it stop work. I have lamiak version.

Is there anyone help me?

How to set pins now?

No work Sample:

port = "COM4"


xServoPin = 13

yServoPin = 12

tracker = Runtime.createAndStart("tracker", "Tracking")


servoX = tracker.getX()


servoX.setMinMax(30, 150)


servoY = tracker.getY()


servoY.setMinMax(30, 150) 


xpid = tracker.getXPID()

ypid = tracker.getYPID()


opencv = tracker.getOpenCV()






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send a no worky

You  should send a no-worky.  There's likely a lot of debugging information in the log files that will tell you what is happening.  the log file is the myrobotlab.log file.  This contains all the logging.  

Also,  you should try to discribe a bit more what isn't working to give us some clues as to what you were trying to do and what wasn't working as expected.

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I need to attach the servos to tracker service.
The setPin() command is no more in the MRL. 
The tracking service has changed (i think), my oldy python files have not work now.

How to do configuration of tracking service now?

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same problem...

i new in myrobolab but  i meet the same problem. where i can find the  the servo api description?

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i send the log, do you can check it?

i send the log, do you can check it?

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I looked in the tracking service and in the servo service.

I seems like somebody has renamed the setController method to attach and made it no-worky.

I don't know why.

attach and setController are two methods that are similar, but attach should never be used until all parameters are set.

setController ( like setPin ) are methods that are used by the GUI, so that each parameter can be set before the attach. At least that's how I think it should work. Somebody else may have a different view of how it should work.  

I need to investigate more and discuss with the person who made that change how it should work.