Tracker install no worky

Having completed most of InMoov's head and borged a USB webcam into the eye socket I want to play with tracking.

I'm assuming that I need to use the Tracking runtime, but when I look down the list Top Codes and Tracking are not installed. If I try to install them I get the following error

info trying 
info parsing 
info found 13 releases 
info finished parsing and sorting 
info returning release string 1.0.99 
info retrieve edu.northwestern.topcodes.1.0 
error download failed: edu.northwestern.topcodes#topcodes;1.0!JavaWebCam.dll(native) 
finished processing updates 
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Hello bensonofjohn,Try

Hello bensonofjohn,

Try 1.0.118 -

Worked for me - refer to the Trracking service page,
You will need the same bitness e.g. 64 bit if you OS is 64 bit..
If it still gives you touble you should delete your local repo.


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That has helped, the Tracking

That has helped, the Tracking service now downloads. Install all runs and completes with no error messages, though strangely Topcodes doesn't install which isn't an issue for me as I'm not likely to be playing with it at this point. This is on my 32bit laptop. Trying on 64bits at work everything downloaded and installed just fine.

I notice that when I have finished downloading all and I click the restart button MRL doesn't restart, but needs manually restarting. This worked fine with the older version. Again not an issue, but I'm just logging it.

Any how on to the fun stuff. I finally got to play with InMoov's head running face detection and tracking. My eye mover mech is seriously misaligned so the up/down servo pulls everything sideways. As a result I get a good look inside InMoov's skull and very little vision through the eye socket.

The limited vision still manages to pick my face up and tries to track it, I think some values need reversing as the head swings the opposite way at the moment. But this is progress.

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Yay .. that makes me  Please

Yay .. that makes me 

Please update us with pictures and videos from your Project !