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2015.01.04 - Acapela web gui worky


Recently, in preperation for "the release" ... I've been working hard on the holy trinity .. Arduino Serial & Servo ..

Give how much these services are used I want to make them lean, mean, clean and uber-robust.  Through the process the elves are spitting & polishing the refactored webgui's.

This is a (work in progress of Servo) .. It has a "smartphone touchable" position control.  More data values will be accessable through the webgui.  

I still have to work cleanining up the UI allowing controls only to appear when it is applicable...

Just a quick preview ... nose is still to grindstone ....

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Elves have been putting some nice toys under the tree!

New screen shots look great!  I can't wait to test them out locally!  I'm looking forward to testing out the latest changes for MRLComm also!  Looks like you've been hammering away!

Happy New Year!  will be a great year!

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Ya, elves have been pretty

Ya, elves have been pretty busy ...

Arduino is (still in process) of getting an overhaul .. Motor will need some polish too...
MRLComm.ino is now MRLComm.c to follow convention on later libraries in Arduino, additionally I'm using an old msvc editor to format and syntax highlight it when working, so .c makes it easier..

The Serial service now has a line speed. - varies for me between 46 & 47 Kbps.

Analog read polling works, now each pin has the ability to have its own debounce and rate settings.

Analog write, and digital read & write are not hooked up,  I started playing around with pwm sliders - but there is still work to be done in these parts ...

Settings tab is new - Although Arduino controls the Serial service as a Peer (and that's great) - the gui should allow control of the serial though Arduino ..

I don't know how many times I looked to connect an Arduino service, and DOH ! I have to search for arduino.serial to connect Arduino :P

I was thinking of making a SerialPort directive which would have all the 'ports', databits, rates etc... but I'm still kicking around the idea...