Things are looking up

I had some problems and burned out an omo servo a while back. It was locked up so that meant I had to take the whole chest apart. Major hassel so I was unmotivated and didn't work on it. 

I mentioned it in the shoutboox and Mats gave me a suggestion. Don't just replace it but do an upgrade. Make something better in the process so it is moving ahead in stead of just reachieving what I already had.


It was good advice and I wanted to spread it around to others. So I installed a new articulate neck (Gestault version) So now I have a fixed omo servo and my guy is looking up.


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Cool Perry !

I want to see video of it work !

It needs a control system now.

What is the best way to express it for people ?   heading & roll 
My most intuitive way is to think of the eyes as a 3D heading vector, but now you can have "roll" too

So eyes pointing to 3D spot in space

+ Roll

With IK you'd be dragging or positioning the spot in space and the head would be following - with some other input to controll roll ?

Other options to express a static position would be Euler Angles, Quternions, or DHParameters ?

Any ideas on how you will be utilizing the new "roll" possiblities ?

Rock and "Roll"  !

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Don't get ahead of me.Right

Don't get ahead of me.

Right now I am thinking about braiding his head servo wires into dreadlocks for the robo olympic bobsled team



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Hi Perry 

Thanks for the feedback. I have been in similar situations before, and sometimes I also loose motivation when I hit a problem that I can't solve or get frustrated when I don't make any progress.

Sometimes it's enough to just take a walk or have a good nights sleep.

Sometimes it's good to tell somebody about the problem, because just explaining something in word, helps to figure out where the problem might be.

At work I'm very often the person that people go to when they have a problem, because they know that I will listen. And in most of the cases I don't have to do anything but listen.

Very nice looking InMoov build you are doing.



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Zen and the art of robot maintenance.

I'm glad to hear things are worky again. It can be discouraging when servos release their last gasp of magic blue smoke. I just replaced the rothead servo this week. Indeed, much disassembly and reassembly required.
The good news is, the more you replace them, the easier it gets.

Your build is looking great!

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Thx guys, rock on!  

Thx guys,

rock on!