text to speech using tm4c123gxl

i want to use text to speech for home automatiion system,  so for that all commands and communication rather then displaying it on screen i want it to be communicating with voice communication using text to speech system

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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome nish73,

Currently there is no Service in MyRobotLab for the lauchpad.  
It does have services for Arduino and Parallax Propeller.

So the launchpad is not currently supported, but that doesn't mean it can't be added.

You asked if you should use get an Arduino instead. It depends, I would be glad to add support for the launchpad but I would rely on you to drive the project, and it will take time.

Here is what is being used for TTS now:

  • Sphinx
  • Android TTS to MRL control
  • Google TTS is no longer working because of Google updates and api policy changes

On ths Sphinx service page you should see a very basic script to get you started.

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and one i have one more misconception i believe tht is only c n c++ can be used in energia can draw some more light on it

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Energia is just a nice

Energia is just a nice library and code to be run on the launchpad.  This is fine.

MyRobotLab runs on a computer - but it has its own much smaller program which runs on micro-controllers.

The one which runs on an Arduino is called MRLComm.ino - this is an Arduino sketch, (it is Arduino's native code), when it is running on an Arduino, MyRobotLab (running on a computer) can connect to it and take control of it over a serial connection (USB, BlueTooth, Other..)

The same thing for a Parallax Propeller - a small "controller" program is written for the Prop  MRLComm.prop - it is then loaded on the Propeller (just like the Arduino) and the same MyRobotLab can now connect and control the Propeller ..

The same thing would need to be done for the launchpad .. a small MRLComm.launch program would need to be written in C++ or whatever they want.. and the "same" MyRobotLab could connect and control the launchpad

Kindof cool MRL can connect to all these micro-controllers and control them ...

This coolness is referred to as "Borging" 

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Ah..  And this is an extra


And this is an extra link I added which might be relevant and a project I am interested in.

MRL - Central Home Control