Testing uploading MRLComm from new Swing GUI on Windows

Hi GroG

This is the error I get. The Arduino IDE shows the spash screen and then stops with this message:


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Hi Mats, Thanks for the

Hi Mats,
Thanks for the help.

Did you do a pull with no conflicts ?

enforcing correct case sensitivity can be challenging on Windows...

Does the file exist ?  If not, how is it "off" ?

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I noticed you had quotes

I noticed you had quotes around your path ... did you try unquoted ?  

I would think unquoted is more likely to work - since the text box value get changed to a string, and I think the ArduinoUtils don't need it quoted .. (not positive)

Perhaps we should have a directory browse button - to take these variables and complexity out of the equation :D

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Help too

Poderia me passa o seu myrobotlab para download, o meu nao acessa arduino. e meu acapellaspeech tambem nao funciona

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A directory browse button would be great.

A directory browse button would be great. 

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added :)

added :)