Test Service Fun

Ahoy ! .. This is a little post about a "work in process" called the Test service.  It function is to test the other services.  Currently, it will check if service page documentation exists, if pyrobotlab/service example files exist and test them, if junit service tests exists and run them.

It's a definately a "work in process", but potentially a very helpful service.  Not only because it gives a lovely report at the end, but also because its "part" of mrl.  This means regardless of what operating system, or platform mrl is deployed on, it can help us by testing on that system.  A good thing, because I don't have a mac .. and getting someone to install a build server on their mac is probably not an easy task.

Right now I've added "very basic" pyrobotlab/service/{serviceName}.py files to pyrobotlab develop branch.  It confirmed all is worky for that test.

Now, back to more testing !


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Great idea GroG!   So it

Great idea GroG!

So it basically also checks if dependencies are all installed as they should?! Would be a great thing to start mrl with for every newbie, best with an automatic log about poential errors from the tests so they could ask immediately for help and then later ask the specific questions like now and we would exactly know that the basic setup is done right and its mos liekely a programming problem not a missing file or broken build?!