Terminator playing in the dark



I really appreciate the help of Grog and Mats to perform the Overlay filter, since I do not have much experience programming.

I was trying to find an alternative that does not need to change the programming in Myrobotlab and I found something fascinating in Rainmeter.net.

I wanted to share it with you guys.

I was trying modifying the output of the UV4L and apparently Face Detect seems to work quite well with the input dyed red.


Using Rainmeter the possibilities are endless.


It would be a lot of fun to make a fake Face Recognizer that mistakenly identifies people as Kyle Reese, John Connor or Sarah Connor at random. Or we would need a gender identifier :)



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Wow rainmaker looks like a

Wow rainmaker looks like a very interesting application.

I was think more about this, and believe that OpenCV is probably not the place to do overlays.  
Why ?
Because its buggy in that area, and OpenCV never has been good at handling "transparencies".

OpenCV is libraries are good for "vision" and not as much for image manipulation.

But we have another service called ImageDisplay.

I think with a little effort ImageDisplay should be able to do the things which rainmaker can do, like combining video streams, merging transparencies, adding text, and more...


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Great Grog! I'll wait to see

Great Grog!

I'll wait to see some of those possibilities with ImageDisplay. I will investigate a bit on the weekend.

Meanwhile I will continue working on the connection of motors and servos.

By the way, Rainmeter does not combine video streams. I just edited the video and added the view of the GoPro to show how dark it was. The sounds effects were added in post production. ;)