to synchronize alexa / google ok with inmoov for voice recognition

Hi core Team,

can we use alexa / google ok device for voice recognition and synchronize all movements of servos.

if any body has done or performed pls. share.


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Yes, there is some interested

Yes, there is some interested in doing this - the Polly service interfaces Amazon for TTS 

We intend to create a service which interacts with Alexa (Lexa)  - but right now I'm focused on virtual inmoov development and the JMonkey game engine.


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Google Assistant


I've actually created a service for Google Assistant (Google's counterpart to Alexa), but unfortunately it was never finished. It worked once under Manticore (with some finaggling), but with Nixie the APIs have changed considerably and so the program doesn't work anymore. I'd be happy to fix it once the APIs are stable and I learn how to use Google's SDK for Java (the original service was written in Python and so didn't mesh too well with the rest of MRL).

There is a Java SDK for Alexa that is considerably easier to work with than the one for Google Assistant (actually contains an entire GUI app, which is a nice demo to show how to integrate the SDK), but I don't know of anyone who's actively integrated it into MRL. Maybe over the summer I could try working on that too (pretty busy with college right now).

Hope that helps!

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create specific voice

Autonomic Perfectionist,

ok , so will have to wait till summer, i suppose we get through, do inform as soon as u compile.