sync multiple movements

I remote control MRL with a python task using the REST API of MRL.

Seen that  "moveToBlocking" also works with the REST API so my program waits for the movement to finish - GREAT!!

But how can I initiate multiple movements and wait for the last one to finish?

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If you are using Inmoov

If you are using Inmoov service there is maybe some magic.

2 approach : 

- Multiple different servo



- Skeleton group, moveToBlocking



Please note if velocity is not set to 1 servo of the queue, the global wait is fixed to ( if I remember 15 seconds )

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nice to see that you already

nice to see that you already have existing solutions for this - thought I might have to loop over all the involved servos and check on their move state.

the i01.waitTargetPos() looks to be the thing I was looking for. So in my python thask I can do e.g. a