successful servo repair

I think this servo was bad before I removed the potentiometer, but I never tested it first and so a fix was the only option since a warrenty repair was out of the queston. The problem was one of the brushes was not makeing contact with the power stud. I reinserted it makeing sure I had connection with my meter. Then added a drop of expoxy to hold it in place, now the servo works great. The real test will be life span.



below you can see me holding the brushes apart with tooth picks sticking up through the small slots in the bottom. This allowed the motor to be reassemled

below I connect the motor to a 6 volt battery and it runs great, so I reassembled and servo now works like new.

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You've boldy gone where I

You've boldy gone where I have never been !

I have "take apart skills" - but your "put back together" is another level !   glad it worked out :)