Stopping MRL

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Trying to learn MRL, I have services running and am able to move servos, but having a hard time getting the limits inside the module scripts to save. Looks like I have to release each service separately in order to save?

What is the proper way to exit MRL and save?




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Hi Artemus... Servo limits

Hi Artemus...

Servo limits are set when you launch your script...

Insert this in your python script :


This will set your limits...

Check the example in this page :


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OK I have my answer, thank

OK I have my answer, thank you! I was expecting limits to be stored in some kind of module once and not have to re-enter them anytime you use a new script.

I have to be very careful, I have already burned out 2 big servos by not paying attention .

For shutting down MRL, I see now that it does not matter if it is just closed in the middle of running a script, because it does not write to any files. I have had it freeze up and was worried about just closing it.

I think it freezes up when the servo hits its mechanical limits and the extra current pulls down the power supply voltage.