still working on legs

Video shows current status of leg design.

two legs testing - YouTube

Current problems looking for a solution:

no motors on ankles for rotation, not in current design

ankles do rotate, no place for motors

no thigh motors for movement, not in current design

need both to be able to walk

need something on bottom of feet so they don't slip

I have broken both knees and one ankle, not sure if ABS will hold up.

Have been printing with MakerGear M2 printer and black parts are Nylon-X.

Am printing new parts at 60% fill in Nylon-X which seem strong.

So the lower knee which I have been breaking takes 27 hours to print new ones.

Do not have new parts installed.

If I lower the legs to the floor, they want to move forward and my stand only goes up and down.

Also if you notice the legs move at different speeds. The parallax motor controllers have there own multi core processor for checking distance and speed. You can send distance and speed for each motor.

Any ideas on above problems would be appreciated...

I still cannot figure out how to add pictures or videos to the forum (I am a little slow)



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I'm afraid I don't have any useful comments except to say that your work on these legs is amazing. 

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Very impressive

I'm very impressed with these! I would love to check out your code and the design of these legs some time (I'm guessing you've already published these, I just can't find them ;P). I'm kinda new to 3D printing, so I really can't help there.

As for videos and pictures in the forum, just click the Source button in the editor. That'll open up the HTML source for the new page. For images, just add the <img> tag with the src attribute pointing to a URL of the image. Ex: <img src="">

For videos, if uploaded to Youtube just clck the Share button (under Subscribe button) and then click the embed tab. Copy that to the source and you're all set!

I'm very excited to see some more of your work in the future! Keep up the good work! :)

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Great work

Hi very impressive

is it possible to get into contact ?

You can send an email to with your email and then i will answer with my real mail adress