Still struggling

Hi All,

I don't get chance to play very often so I am making slow progress.

I am building an InMoov with a slightly modified head and extra Arduino. I tried to write my own Myrobotlab service but couldn't get it to run. I was then sent a snippet of code that should have re-mapped my jaw servo onto the new Arduino but despite many hours I couldn't get that to work either.

I have been watching a lot of Java tutorials on YouTube and thought I'd have a go at my own service again. But that is really frustrating. My new service does not appear in the GUI when I start Myrobotlab in Eclipse (I set it up in developer mode as described in the getting started script.

If anyone has any advice on how I can get this service to work I'd love to here from you. I can play for about 4hours tonight then family takes over until the new year then I'm back to work...

I strat MyRobotLab like this "-service gui GUIService MyEric Eric" but it moans the service Eris is unknown. I have edited the systemdata.xml file.




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So I tried doing some

So I tried doing some logging, prompted by this page and sure enough the logging is spat out - just below the line that says my service is not found :0)

Now to see why my head servise is not started...

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MouthControl issue

I now have my Main class and my head class, wich appear to work. I get a WebGui and all the servos in the head work. The WebKitSpeechRecognition works, MarySpeech works, but..MouthControl does not.

Not bad progress tonight :0)


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Hi rekabuk, Glad to see

Hi rekabuk,

Glad to see you've made progress - if you need more help consider submitting a "noWorky"