steps to take to get myrobotlab and inmoov working together.


I have my Inmoov built.

I have done the following:

downloaded the myrobotlab (version 1.0.2407)

did the install all services. restarted myrobotlab.

in the folder was START_INMOOV.bat

here is the screen shot all those tabs were do I start?

/sites/default/files/users/user1930files/Screenshot 2017-08-20 13_17_17.png

I started it and got  alot of tabs open with voice.

Can some one help me with the next steps to connect the myrobotlab to Inmoov.

I am mechanical not programer.

I have watched other videos to help, they got me this far but don't continue.

And alot of the ideos are older versions.

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Hi ! Soon we will refresh

Hi ! Soon we will refresh documentation.

at the first start , you are in a virtual environmenet.

You need to declare your arduino inside arduino.config. And flash them with mrlcomm.

The inside inmoov.config you can set ScriptType to Full if you have 2 arduino.