a nice way to get everything in place and mrl running.

my problem with it? whenever I run the bat file it reloads/overwrites my private servo settings in  the InMoov/config folder.

My question therefore:

how can I maintain my own adjusted config files from version to version?

I know, I could create my own folder and do my changes there - but then I can't use start_inmoov.bat anymore.

I could probably set my modified files to "read only" but that makes it a bit complicated for adjustments.

What I would like?

As with the gestures a folder that I can define where the config data will be read from.

gesturesPath = "c:\mrl\marvinGestures"
configPath = "c:\mrl\marvinConfig"

This way I can run different mrl versions with the same own settings and it will be easy to do a diff with the "standard" config in the <mrl>/InMoov/config folder and my own adjustions.

Or have I missed something?

How are you navigating around this?

Or IS everyone using the standard servo settings (e.g hard to beleave that everyone is able to use the same jaw and eye servo ranges)?


5 years 2 months ago

Hi Juerg!
We can add some folders override, good idea.
The question is why you private settings are overwritten.
. config files are never touched (created only at the first startup if there is no .config inside folder)
About gestures and other directories, one day I saw a similar issue. Using Linux . At every startup Inmoov.zip from repo is extracted. Are you using Linux? if yes we need a fix.

your answer made me think about how I jump from MRL to MRL version.

As sometimes we had discussions in the shoutbox or forums what the correct way of switching to a new version of mrl is I usually create a new empty directory named after that version, copy the downloaded  myrobotlab.jar into it and run it. Then I do an "install all", wait, wait, wait, then copy my german marytts jar into the libraries folder and restart myrobotlab.jar. This will give me the whole load then, repo and also the standard config's.

As I read your message this should not be necessary any more and I should have always the same MRL folder where - with the help of the startup bat file - I will always get latest whenever I run start_InMoov.bat?

Question is then how do I force a test with a certain (verified) version and would like to prevent getting latest?


It recommanded to update mrl in a new folder from long time.

But the Inmmov service and launcher was made to accept jar updates. Because we need to keep our settings at one place. without worrying about updates.

So if you want to update beta mrl.jar just replace the older by the new one.

Magic will do the job ( detect new version / install new dependencies .. )

Magic worky but we need to enhance and using magic outside InMoov related things. future work require using the agent. it's his job after all . And this will be cleaner.

Because you need to mods things that will be overwriten by updates ( gestures / skeleton ... ) , because what was written at this time was written to follow a standardized configuration ( 2 arduinos / head + left arm on left ... ) you need to tweak default folders to keep your files safe.

I push soon mods about folders override.

Need discussons and some code lines but Inmoov Service V2 will accept lego more easier ( 1 arduino , I2C servos , sensors etc ... )


Hello Moz4r,

I am looking forward to the V2 Inmoov service, is there any estimate as to when that may be ready?

I'm guessing sometime after the current release!

I have seen the magic you have been working on and like the look of it.