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Before starting my robot project (buying electronic stuff) I would like to know something :

Is there a way to transfer data from excel (or any kind of spreadsheet) to Arduino board automatically ? To sum up : arduino controled by a spreadsheet.

I found out a promising program wich is Gobetwino freeware (interaction between arduino and PC)... Do you think this could help ?

Gobetwino link : http://electronics.divinechildhighschool.org/Home/Arduino-Lessons/using-gobetwino-to-control-windows-through-arduino

Thanks in advance to MRL community !


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Hi titi56 and Welcome ! Short

Hi titi56 and Welcome !

Short answer:


Longer answer:
MyRobotLab (MRL) - is composed of a bunch of Services (things which do stuff) .. one of which is an Arduino. 
Typically we use Python to glue things together.   This Python glue can open spreadsheets copy data and do open browser, start applications, make sounds....  pretty much most things you can think of.

Hope this helps !





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Thanks for reply !

Is the "glue " (I m concerned about) to make ? Or is it existing in MRL ?


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MRL is a collection of

MRL is a collection of already defined services - here's a list - they are in various levels of functionality


Some of them require no "glue" to use ..

As an example look at OpenCV. OpenCV is a complex one which requires no glue to see through the gui and experiment with various filters.

This is its service page.


The service page includes (hopefully) useful documentation .. including some "glue" which allows you familiarize yourself with it.