Speech Service does not appear as an option in Runtime when compiled Developer edition from git

Hi, I have followed the getting started procedure using Eclipse and downloaded the MyRobotLab Developer through git.  All compiles and runs but Speech (The Lips) does not appear in the RunTime options!  How do I get this service to run within the developer mode and where are the sources for this?

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Speech is now AcapelSpeech


The Speech service has been removed since 1.0.119, because Google stopped their free text-to-speech service. It has been replaced with AcapelaSpeech.

You can find all different voices here: 


They also have vocal Smileys:

http://www.acapela-group.com/doc/Vocal%20smileys/excla.html#Scanian SOUNDS

I created a small script to show different alternative voices, languages and smileys.






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Thank you very much for that

Thank you very much for that Mats...  I will follow your advice.

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