I am not able to get the Speech service working. Even after installing the default proxy backend MarySpeak

I am getting mary packages not recognized. Is the speech functionality working in the latest build.Please guide me on this.


This litte script shows different voices and the langage that they speek. 

It says things in English, Spanish, Swedish and French.

It also shows how to use vocal smileys


The different voices can be found here: http://www.acapela-group.com/

And the vocal smileys here: http://www.acapela-group.com/doc/Vocal%20smileys/excla.html



6 years 8 months ago

excuse me I have a problem I can not do talk to inmoov , when I run a program in python I mark error in the speech

I need some more info about the poblem to be able to help. What script are you sing and where do you get an error ?

I found that the link to the example script above was broken. It  is repaired now. And I tested the example script without getting any error.