speak swedish

i can make mrl speak swedish with 


or in inmoov


the problem is the letters å ä ö 

it becomes like this in the google - sv - audrey  folder




is it some settings in my computer or is it mrl

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Hello Markus

I get similar results

gives me

Regrettably, I don't understand Swedish.  Is the speech which is made incorrect too, or just the filenames?

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yes it speaks wrong when it

yes it speaks wrong when it comes to å ä ö


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nice sentence you wrote in

nice sentences you wrote in swedish  hahahah:-)


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So this URL is not pronouncing correctly?


Is this correct?


or this (copy paste into browser)

"http://translate.google.com/translate_tts?tl=sv&q=hallå där"

The backend of Speech typically is google translates - so do you know how to make
work in a way which will produce correct Swedish pronunciation using the letters å ä ö ?

There are several layers of encoding... and maybe one of them is causing the problem.  If Google has it wrong then there is not much I can do about it - unless you find a "Text To Speech" online system which does correct Swedish.

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no it is not saying it

no it is not saying it correctly

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Bummer :( That means Google

Bummer :(

That means Google isn't translating it correctly...

So optiona are:

  1. Find another free online text to speech program
  2. See if FreeTTS has a Swedish package
  3. Find another open source Swedish text to speech project