Source of MRL 1803

Hi, Is it possible to have source of MyRoboLab 1803 ?

Thank you.

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Hello Dom, We are working on

Hello Dom,

We are working on getting a tag automatically pushed into the build so that for any version you can do this

git clone
cd myrobotlab
git checkout 1803

Unfortunately this is not ready yet :(

Since current develop build is 2033 and we buil every commit then,
1803 is on the develop branch exactly 230 commit back

I found out how to do it I believe :

# go to an empty directory
# clone 
git clone
cd myrobotlab
# check out the develop branch
git checkout develop
# find what the 'current' build is - because that is the last commit
# point browser to -
# currently its 1.0.2033  so 1803 is 2033 - 1803 = 230 commits back
# use git log to get the sha of that particular commit
git log -1 --skip=230
# this returns 

commit cd5a70099ed00dadeca0f64664adf5b223594871
Author: Christian <>
Date:   Tue Jan 3 23:28:30 2017 -0500
now use the sha to checkout version 1803
git checkout cd5a70099ed00dadeca0f64664adf5b223594871

Now you have the source for 1803 :) 


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Thank you very much Grog.

Thank you very much Grog.