I was wondering if there was any way to install them?

Side note: I'd love if there was an actual books or step by step web tutorial on how to set up one. Though that might be a wile as it seems a new project.


3 years 3 months ago

Yes, some tabs lack a user interface.  We need competent developers to build them.  The tabs are left with empty contents, because it would be worse if you started a service and did not see "any" visual indication the service was running ... right ?

But lots in this area is being worked on.  
A more advanced webgui is being worked on - one of the possible elements to be imcorporated is a "step by step" guide.

This demo of Intro.js can give you and idea of what I mean.


Additionally, subsequent releases will "self publish" their methods in a standardized way called "swagger".  This allows easy experimentation, and clear documentation on what and how a function does.